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Our Services

We offer comprehensive import export developing strategies for our clients


Our client companies that operate in trade are offered comprehensive export developing strategies.We offer a comprehensive import and export developing strategies for our clients who are or intend to trade with Vietnam. In this case, we can provide practical assistance in your company export development by assessing and selecting the most appropriate export market, conducting research on appropriate markets, preparing to meet prospective customers, distributors or agents, selecting the most effective way to penetrate to the market, and maintain the momentum of export strategy. In addition, we can give you precise advice on import and export of container and bulk shipments through our partners Eagle and Hoang Nguyen.


At Leong Lee, we welcome the opportunity to develop specific content and meetings to help you achieve specific goals. We will work with you to explore which of our managed services will suit your desired outcome, and draw from our global business units to guarantee cutting edge content and relevant buyers and energy generation solution providers participate.

Our service team will walk you through how we operate and the services we can deliver, drawing on our past experiences and marrying that to surpass your requirements in both traditional energy like thermal and hydro power and renewable energy like wind and solar.


Leong Lee assists our clients in setting up your operations in Vietnam as well as match-make potential companies for Joint-Venture or acquisition without clients. Our promise to you is that the only thing you need to pay attention is your business; other procedures can be counted on our team.

Our promise to you is that the only thing you need to pay attention to is your business. For others, you can count on us.


LLI is exclusive marketer of Indonesian coal for BANPU – one of the energy leaders in Asia-Pacific region.

We are experienced in coordinating the sale and delivery of high-quality thermal coal for Vietnam Electricity Corporation – EVN’s thermal power plants. We keep updating and taking care of our valued clients to identify their strict requirements and work closely with the BANPU operations team to react swiftly to customers’ needs and changing schedules.

Over 3,000,000 tons of thermalcoal has been successfully sold and delivered this year. Through teamwork across all departments and geographical locations, we provide full and seamless customer support.


Leong Lee has been established from the ground up for selling, managing and implementing small to large scale projects in every sector like cashew, flower, premium rice, wood pellet etc. Serving both domestic and international markets, we bring a fresh and innovative approach to consulting services, acting as liaison between the clients and multi-national providers. As expert in trading, Leong Lee is involved in every stage from the beginning of the project till the final phase.


Given Vietnam’s economic development path, Leong Lee predominantly provides expansion capital to client’s companies and works with management to grow and improve them, thus creating shareholder value. Leong Lee adds value to companies through assisting with strategy, recruiting, operations, bringing international partners as co-investors, financial structuring and industry consolidation.